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Miss Ava's Rock Hounds

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Miss Ava's Rock Hounds

camper climbing on rocks

Are you a Rock Hound? If so, you're intrigued by colored rocks, rocks with lines and layers, rocks with holes in them, rocks that sparkle, beautiful crystals, geodes (rocks formed from bubbles trapped in the Earth), and rocks that came out of a volcano! Join Miss Ava and Providence Day's Mr. D as you learn about these kinds of rocks and more. They started their rock collections over 20 years ago with just a handful of gemstones; now they each have boxes and boxes of rocks. Mr. D’s latest addition is a meteorite from Northwest Africa; Miss Ava’s is a stone from the Great Wall of China. Campers will check out rocks in the creek behind the Charlotte Nature Museum and climb on the boulders. They will participate in mineral tests to determine color, cleavage, and magnetism and learn how to identify sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.

Projects include: • Dyeing a t-shirt in red mud • Decorating a collection box • Making a sieve for river collection • Constructing a portable sluiceway • Painting a pet rock. Learning concepts include: • Collecting rocks • Identifying rocks • Testing minerals. Drop-off and pick-up in the carpool loop.

  • Session 3: June 17-21
  • Morning: 9a-12p
  • Rising Grades: 2-5
  • Cost: $230
  • Session 7: July 15-19
  • Afternoon: 1-4p
  • Rising Grades:  2-5
  • Cost: $230
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