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Miss Ava's Digging It

  • Science
Miss Ava's Digging It

campers shifting through dirt

Ever wonder how ancient civilizations moved those huge megaliths to build magnificent structures like Carnac, Stonehenge, or Machu Picchu? These mysteries can only be solved by searching for clues in what remains. Dr. Alan May's team of archaeologists will demonstrate how they scrape through layers of dirt and use standing sifters to recover valuable artifacts when we visit the Schiele Museum on Thursday. Drop-off and pick-up in the carpool loop.

  • Session 4: June 24-28
  • Full day: 9a-4p
  • Rising Grades:  2-5
  • Cost: $460
  • Full Day Camp
  • Rising Grade 2
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  • Rising Grade 5
  • Session 4