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Miss Ava's CSI Camp

  • Science
Miss Ava's CSI Camp

campers playing with CSI tools

Stop in the name of the law! These campers are sure to catch you red-handed. As super sleuths, they'll photograph the crime scene, dust for fingerprints, investigate all the leads, and interrogate witnesses to uncover possible suspects. No one is exempt...not even Miss Ava (unless, of course, she is the victim)! Campers show no mercy as they get search warrants, solve the crime, and make an arrest. They learn the proper procedures for solving crimes and the most effective ways to apprehend their suspects.

Learning concepts include: • Fingerprinting • Investigating a crime • Interrogating witnesses • Deductive reasoning. Drop-off and pick-up in the carpool loop.

  • Session 4: June 24-28
  • Afternoon: 1-4p
  • Rising Grades: 4-8
  • Cost: $230
  • Session 8: July 22-26
  • Afternoon: 1-4p
  • Rising Grades:  4-8
  • Cost: $230
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  • Session 4
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