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Girls Only! Chess Camp

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Girls Only! Chess Camp

girls playing chess

While the average boardroom is tense, competitive, and predominantly male, girls can develop the skills needed to compete in a safe and motivating environment. Research suggests that gender separation can be useful in augmenting the self-confidence that is needed to be assertive. Skills such as logical thinking, creative problem-solving, and risk-benefit analysis are inherent in the game of chess. Plus, learn from Jessica Era Prescott, a highly trained and experienced leader in the field. She is the only female, full-time chess instructor in the state of North Carolina and has been ranked in the top 100 women in the US! During the week, we will analyze games from the great women chess players in history, practice chess tactics such as discovery, double attack, and pins, and solve common checkmate puzzles to familiarize ourselves with the most important patterns. Students will have a chance to play with a chess clock, learn how to notate, and crown a camp champion after a week-long tournament! All skill levels will benefit from this camp, and the girls will have instilled a new respect for their own capabilities in chess. Drop off and pick up in the carpool loop.

  • Session 4: June 24-28
  • Morning: 9a-12p
  • Rising Grades: 1-9
  • Cost: $230
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