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Life on the Other Side - NEW!

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Life on the Other Side - NEW!

Ever write your name with your "wrong" hand....just for fun? What if you actually practiced writing, drawing, catching, and throwing with your less-favored hand or foot? Are there “tricks” to improving your performance more quickly? If so, how might you apply these to other learning experiences? In this intriguing camp with PD History teacher Mr. Roy Garrison, students will endeavor to complete familiar and unfamiliar tasks while using their less-favored hand or foot, and then maintain a record of their experience with an eye to better understanding the advantages of perseverance and creativity in learning something new. Besides bringing a new perspective to everyday activities, this camp will examine the attitudes behind the way we are taught and look to inspire students to examine other assumptions about the way we learn. Drop-off and pick-up in the carpool loop.

  • Session 5: July 1-3
  • Afternoon: 1-4p
  • Rising Grades:   8-12
  • Cost:   $135
  • Afternoon Camp
  • Rising Grade 10
  • Rising Grade 11
  • Rising Grade 12
  • Rising Grade 8
  • Rising Grade 9
  • Session 5