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Awkward! - NEW!

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Awkward! - NEW!

Think you’re pretty good on your game console? Now try it with the other hand. Can you sign your name with your "wrong" hand....and still read it? How about drawing or juggling? When you use your less-favored side, activities that take strength, stamina, or coordination are just plain AWKWARD....and so very funny! But practice can awaken your potential as an athlete, writer, or gamer. Come see what happens when you spend just three days playing ping pong, shooting baskets, writing a birthday wish list, and trying many other activities with an emphasis on using your less-favored hand or foot. Drop-off and pick-up in the carpool loop.

  • Session 5: July 1-3
  • Morning: 9a-12p
  • Rising Grades: 5-7
  • Cost: $135
  • Morning Camp
  • Rising Grade 5
  • Rising Grade 6
  • Rising Grade 7
  • Session 5