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Specialty Camps


The Specialty Camps below include many new programs among your old favorites. Within this category, the programs can be sorted by areas of interest, time of day, and more by clicking on the Tags at the right side of the page. To see more information about each camp, including full descriptions, be sure to click on the camp names. 

During this summer camp project with PDS Middle School art teacher Edwin Gil, students will create a 16"x20" art project with natural materials to make a living artwork, inspired by organic shapes.

Would you like to sing in the style of Pentatonix? This camp is designed to explore various vocal techniques used in contemporary acappella groups.

Campers will experience a fun-filled week of exploring the fascinating ukulele. Through fun and well-known tunes/songs, campers will develop ukulele techniques to share individually and as a ukulele ensemble on the last day of camp.

Students interested in getting a head start on writing skills for Advanced Placement history classes will have the opportunity to write responses to four document based questions (DBQs).

Athena’s Path is a fun time for girls, filled with games and activities, guest speakers and lively discussions – all about middle school.

When you use your less-favored side, activities that take strength, stamina, or coordination are just plain AWKWARD....and so very funny!

Let’s understand numbers, patterns, and operations with Mrs. Hancock! It’s not just about knowing but truly understanding the “why” and “how” behind math.

Let’s understand numbers, patterns, and operations with Mrs. Hancock! It’s not just about knowing but truly understanding the “why” and “how” behind math.

Learn to twist and turn balloons into fantastic beasts! In this camp, we practice all kinds of balloon-making skills: from dogs and cats to octopi, lobsters, and parrots!

Piano campers will be exploring the basics of piano playing through exciting series of piano pieces specifically selected based on each camper's skillset.

Join author, professional chess instructor, and director of Over the Chessboard, Jessica Prescott, in this camp for beginner chess campers that focuses on rules and strategies of the game.

Calling all bibliophiles! Ever wonder how the books you love are made? You'll learn how, PLUS make your own books in this camp for bookworms!

Turn Minecraft fun into real life skills as your child learns to make friends, build relationships, and work as a team with other players who are not just on a computer but actually in the room.

Capoeira is often seen as a dance that simulates a martial art, or a martial art that simulates a dance. Whatever the perception, there is no one definition of this Afro-Brazilian art form!

Coach Robbins and her staff's mission is simple: to provide children a traditional day camp with experiences through arts & crafts, games, and water play that help build lasting relationships; to foster the values of sharing, responsibility, and respect; and to teach children to live life to the fullest with laughter and FUN.

Based on the popular comic strip and adapted from the Tony Award-winning Best Musical, with a beloved book and score by Tony Award-winners, Thomas Meehan, Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin, Annie Jr. features everyone’s favorite little redhead in her very first adventure.

Trade your paint brush for items you might find around the house! This week, it's the messier the better.

Point your way to a perfect summer as you learn ballet basics. Sashay your week away with other budding ballerinas.

In this week-long celebration of friendship, we will explore stories about best friends like Toot and Puddle and Frog and Toad.

Join us for an improvisation/comedy/stage combat camp. This high energy week will be filled with training in Stage Combat (swords, hand-to-hand), comedic tips and the rules of Improvisation.

Ever wish you could create your own comic book heroes like Iron Man, Spider-Man or Wonder Woman, and put them into action?

Crafting fun awaits you in this special camp! Weaving techniques, painting on glass, making button flowers and paper crafting are just some of the things you will do in this week-long crafting adventure.

Are you a mover and a shaker? This active camp will explore the physicality an actor uses to create a character and tell a story.

Help your student keep their writing fresh all summer long so they are ready when the new school year arrives!

Give your student the lead they need to achieve in the coming school year. We’ll make writing fun as we incorporate field trips and guest authors.

Bring the world of digital photography and computer images together. Explore different lighting effects, photographic techniques and experimental photography in a variety of combinations.

Does your artist love a variety of art mediums? When imagination and creation come together in this camp, the sky is the limit!

Each day designers will tackle a new project from trash bag/duct tape designs to repurposed evening gowns.

Let’s rock out to the latest pop music while we glitz up some T-shirts, purses, shoes and other fashionable accessories!! Glitter is a MUST!

Join us this week for the Ultimate Talent Show! Campers are welcome to showcase their own unique talents and skills.

The hit Broadway show has changed the way we look at musical theatre today. Your actor will explore American history through rap, songs and choreography as we create our own age-appropriate version of this box office gold.

Are you a Muggle? If you can answer that question then you are ready for our exciting class! From quidditch to Hogwarts jeopardy, live out Harry’s adventures all day, every day this week.

Be dazzled with treasures found from the kitchen cabinet to the flea market, combined and designed into original jewelry creations.

Does your child dream of starring in their favorite TV show? In this CreativeKids camp, they’ll write scripts, act, and learn TV lingo to create their own shows and commercials.

Do you love to craft? This week will be full of colorful creations using everything from paper plates and toilet paper rolls to finger prints, puff paint, yarn and much more.

Come build with us this week as we explore the world of LEGOs ®. We’ll take plenty of time to build with our friends, read stories and create lego-based artwork.

Young learners will explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through creative play as we use a wide variety of arts and crafts materials to solve problems.

Just because they are all grown-up doesn’t mean the Banks family can live without everyone’s favorite “Spoonful of Sugar”, Mary Poppins. 

Join “This Little Girl” who, armed with a vivid imagination and sharp mind, dares to take a stand and change her own destiny.

Calling all scary movie fans to join us for a spook-tacular week of fun! We’ll create our own “monster movie” from writing the script, designing the costumes and makeup to filming the finished product using IMovie.

Fancy yourself the next Spielberg? Then grab a camera and start creating!

So many projects, so little time! Does your camper love to search for projects on Pinterest and try them out?

Every day is a party at CK's Paint Party camp! The focus will be on color mixing and mixed media painting combinations, using watercolor, tempera and acrylic.

Wendy Darling loves to tell stories to her brothers, Michael and John. But when her father announces she must move out of the nursery, Peter Pan comes to visit the children and whisks them away to Neverland.

Join the mischievous Peter Rabbit and his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail as we explore the classic Beatrix Potter stories.

Campers will be immersed in the complex world of Pokemon with other campers who are just as enthralled.

Calling all Princesses! Get set for some royal fun…we’ll make crowns and jewels and learn to curtsy and wave just like a real Princess.

Pink! Purple! Emerald! Silver! If you love the adventures of Pinkalicious and her family and friends, this is the celebration for you.

“Hop on Pop” as we explore words, rhymes and story patterns with the works of the beloved Dr. Seuss. We’ll eat “Green Eggs and Ham” one day for a special snack as we learn to identify sight words.

We’ll stage the world’s greatest singing competition as we try to bring the grand theater back!

Learn step-by step sketching techniques, the art of shading, how to make an object appear 3-D, and so much more. Perfect camp for every doodler!

Wouldn't it be fun to see what happens if you dipped a toy car in paint and raced it over paper? What would happen if you used sponges to throw paint onto a canvas? If these ideas sound fun to you, you will love our messy week of art projects.

Do you watch makeup tutorials on Youtube? This design-based theatre camp will give you the chance to explore some special techniques that create stage magic.

Imagine paint, paint and more paint, followed by paper-maché and glue! Messy is our primary ingredient, mixed with a little imagination and a lot of other stuff to create fabulous paintings, sculptures and collages.

Ready for a Reading Adventure? Help your little one gain the edge he/she needs to succeed in the new school year.

Do you love the tricks and grandeur of the circus? Help us bring this imaginative story of P.T. Barnum and how he rose from nothing to create the “Greatest Show on Earth”.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to tie dye. Let your imagination run wild as we practice techniques and patterns on a wide variety of items including t-shirts, headbands and even jewelry.

Do you love dance? The talented CreativeKids staff will become the expert celebrity dancers and will mentor our campers in true World of Dance style.

Get in the flow as we learn yoga basics like downward facing dog, tree pose, cat/cow and much more.

Learn the basics and explore more at coding camp! We will use online programs Scratch and Turtle to create animals, programs, and video games!

Game On! is THE summer camp for kids who love games of all kinds! Campers will play ping pong, corn hole, and various card games, and they'll have the opportunity to learn new board games such as Othello, Blokus, Pie Face, and Monopoly.

While the average boardroom is tense, competitive, and predominantly male, girls can develop the skills needed to compete in a safe and motivating environment.

Grab your yoga mat, call a friend and join Guru Girls Yoga (GGY)! GGY is a curriculum based Life Skills/Yoga program for adolescent girls designed to increase self-confidence and resilience through the mind-body connection.

In Hero’s Pursuit, boys play games, try new activities and take challenges - all about life as a guy in middle school.

Mrs. Jane Balzer of the Extended Day staff will teach the campers fun facts about frozen concoctions while making homemade ice cream each day. Come beat the heat with ice cream!

Campers who can play a legal game of chess, can recognize checkmate, and may know some tactics will greatly enhance their skills in this Intermediate-Advanced Chess camp with chess master Jessica Prescott.

Passionate about video games? About phone apps? All of this is powered by code! This camp is an introduction into the world of code development!

Learn how to manipulate photos of family, friends, pets or scenery using Adobe Photoshop, and then use your picture perfect photos to create your very own website!

In this workshop for teens with Lower School Librarian Mrs. Miller, we will practice professional jewelry skills to make amazing wearable creations!

If you are looking for a quick math refresher before school begins, then this is the course for you. Rising 6th graders will review important middle school math skills.

If you are looking for a quick math refresher before school begins, then this is the course for you. Students in this course will review important middle school math skills.

In this intriguing camp, students will endeavor to complete familiar and unfamiliar tasks while using their less-favored hand or foot, and then maintain a record of their experience with an eye to better understanding the advantages of perseverance and creativity in learning something new.

Interested in finding out what the MakerSpace Lab at Providence Day has to offer? This camp will give you the tools and the confidence you need to make just about anything using 3D printers and laser engraving technology.

Join Providence Day Fourth Grade Assistant Teacher, Jasmine Robbins, for a week of Making Miracles in the Charlotte community. Each day, children will learn how easy it is to make a huge difference in the life of another through a variety of community service projects.

These Mini-Masters of Music will have an amazing time playing xylophones, metallophones, hand chimes, BoomWhackers, and drums while singing along to famous songs.

Have a blast all week challenging yourself to accomplish 75 different tasks in one minute in this camp favorite!

Calling all lab rats! If you'd love to look through the lens of a microscope, grow bacteria in agar, and extract DNA from a banana, this is the camp for you!

Journey back in time when T-Rex ruled the Earth. Imagine going outside and running into a dinosaur as tall as a telephone pole or as long as a football field!

Campers who are fascinated by bugs of all kinds will enjoy learning about insects and visiting Freedom Park for a catch-and-release session at the stream. 

These campers are sure to catch you red-handed. As super sleuths, they'll photograph the crime scene, dust for fingerprints, investigate all the leads, and interrogate witnesses to uncover possible suspects.

Ever wonder how ancient civilizations moved those huge megaliths to build magnificent structures like Carnac, Stonehenge, or Machu Picchu? Learn how studying the remains of ancient artifacts leads to discovery!

No glory! This camp is not for the squeamish! It requires a certain level of maturity and skill as campers learn the art of scientific dissection. 

Earth Buddies raises awareness of Mother Earth, her natural resources, and her inhabitants. We'll look at recycling, reusing, and reducing and learn about endangered species.

If you can dream it, you can build it! This camp gives each child a unique opportunity to envision something, make a drawing of it using pencil and paper, and then build a scale model of it.

This camp is for serious quadcopter pilots. Campers will learn how to land a drone on top of a stool, flip it over, and fly it through a hoop as they learn about other cool innovations and inventions over the years!

In this new camp, kids will have fun learning about aerodynamics as they build and fly paper airplanes and stomp rockets. They'll also launch a bottle rocket and operate a remote controlled airplane.

Campers mix ordinary kitchen ingredients to make extraordinary concoctions that they can squish, squash and dribble. Get ready for an oozey-good time!

In Pet Pals, campers learn how to pick out the pet that is purrrfect for them. Learn how to take care of kitties, puppies, turtles, guinea pigs, and fish.

Campers will learn about the types of energy that govern the universe including magnetism, electricity, forces, motion, and matter through fun projects such as designing and building an egg drop basket or a paper roller coaster complete with ramps, curves, and a loop-de-loop!

Five……BLAST OFF! Watch your Alpha III climb to heights of 600 ft. in this exciting camp where you'll build your own launch pad and igniter using a battery pack, split wiring, and alligator clips.

Intrigued by colored rocks, rocks with lines and layers or holes, rocks that sparkle, beautiful crystals, geodes (rocks formed from bubbles trapped in the Earth), or rocks that came out of a volcano? Rock hounds are!

It’s survival of the fittest! In Roughing It, campers work in teams to test their survival skills and to learn new ones. Field trips every day!

Learn about wild, exotic, and domestic animals and their habitats in this fascinating camp. A visit to Tiger World will cap your wild week!

To infinity and beyond! Learn about NASA and see authentic footage of several of the first space flights in this far-out space camp!

Sleeping with the sharks? Join us as we travel to Ripley's Museum in Myrtle Beach on Independence Day for a one-of-a-kind experience under the shark tank! Campers learn about aquatic life in this full week Under the Sea.

Campers learn about static electricity and current electricity, then design and build their own circuit board using simple tools to mount buzzers, lights, motors, and a battery pack in this electrifying camp!

Campers will explore several new and modern websites where they can create interesting and exciting music. While learning to create music with modern tools, campers will also develop a deeper understanding of musical concepts.

Calling all Smart Bakers! Mrs. Jane Balzer, Extended Day staff member and cooking teacher, has the perfect camp for all Cookie Monsters.

Are you looking to be a better leader for your team, in the classroom, in your family, or in your community? This academy by PD's Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, Josh Springer, will teach these important leadership development skills.

Passionate about video games? About phone apps? All of this is powered by code! This camp just for girls is an introduction into the world of code development.

Learn to play the world’s kid-friendliest stringed instrument! The ukulele is a great introduction to musical concepts and a precursor to making music on more advanced instruments. In this Level 1 camp, children will learn to read chord charts, strum, and play simple songs on the ukulele that the whole family can sing together!

Power Coders is an introduction to Python programming through games and puzzles...just for girls! Campers will learn to create and customize their programs using a combination of procedures learned during the week.

For over a decade, Princess Magical Music camp has offered a fun-filled week for little princesses to explore music in royal fashion. From an actual castle to trumpet fanfares, campers will be transported to a princess world of full music, dances, games, and crafts.

This camp with Mrs. Heacock, Providence Day Lower School computer teacher, will introduce kids to the world of coding through hands-on activities using the program Scratch and the Dash and Dot robots. 

Join Extended Day's Character Education Coordinator Christy McDermott for a week of Serving Up Smiles in our Charlotte community. Each day children will learn that just a little bit of time can make a huge impact in the life of another.

Mrs. Jane Balzer, Extended Day staff member and the Queen of Fun, will teach girls the art of building good friendships while learning to be themselves in this spectacular summer camp!

When the snack attack arrives, Mrs. Balzer is ready! Join her for a heap of fun learning to prepare delicious and healthy snacks! Campers will make and enjoy cheesy dips, smoothies, funnel cakes, popsicles, Chex mix, fruity pizza, and more.

Calling all bakers and junior chefs! Mrs. Jane Balzer of the Extended Day staff will teach and guide your campers to learn to cook for themselves!

Think it would be the coolest thing in the world to have your very own electric guitar? Build your own with PD tech teacher Todd Johnson!

Ever wonder how real archaeologists excavate a site? How they preserve the artifacts they find? How do they use that information to reconstruct the lives of ancient peoples? Join former archaeologist (and PDS librarian) Janna Miller for a very hands-on camp!

Guitar campers will explore the incredible world of guitar by learning popular chords and melodies. Instruction is individualized for each student. At the end of the week, students will share one or two individual pieces, and a couple of guitar ensemble pieces with their families.

Providence Day art teacher Gil Edwin will teach this exciting camp on Glass Art! Campers will create several pieces including a stained-glass window based on an Aesop or Turkish fable.

Turn Minecraft fun into real life skills as your child learns to make friends, build relationships, and work as a team with other players who are not just on a computer but actually in the room.

This award-winning program will bring math to life through problem solving with CAMMP manipulatives, games and puzzles, computers and calculators, and robotics assembly and programming using LEGO® bricks.

Experience Wildlife Wonders, one of Providence Day's most intriguing Extended Day programs where real wild animals are shown to all participants. Children are able to touch some animals and get very close to others.

Pack your bags and grab your passport because an exciting World Adventure is about to begin! Join Ms. Smith on a trip around the globe in five fun-filled days! Click HERE to see your itinerary.

Campers will play rhythms from different parts of the world while learning about each of their cultures. From drum circles to drum sets, it will be a blast! Music Director Chris Brown is the current Alexander Graham Middle School Choral Activities Director, and has twice been a quarter-finalist for the GRAMMY Foundation Music Educator.

Need some expert advice as you polish that essay? Lacking motivation to get started? Providence Day Upper School English Department Chair Dr. Clint Crumley teaches a workshop that will not only produce at least two full-length essays but will also heighten your writing skills in general.

Campers will develop skills in song choice, mic control, stage presence, audience engagement, singing techniques, and choreography. More importantly, this camp will prepare campers for future performance auditions.