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Fencing: Introduction to the Olympic Sport

Feint, parry, riposte, and lunge...come learn what these terms mean in the exciting and fast-paced sport of Olympic Fencing, offered by Charlotte Fencing Academy! Fencing teaches independent thinking, sportsmanship, and courage. Campers learn footwork, basic blade work, and tactics for the foil, the original fencing weapon developed more than 500 years ago and still fenced in modern tournaments. Campers will fence with each other to try out their newly learned skills. En garde! All fencing equipment is provided; campers should wear comfortable clothing: t-shirts, long pants, and athletic shoes (no sandals or Crocs). Please bring a refillable water bottle. 

Foil Coach Colleen Gallant has been fencing for more than 30 years. She trained with noted coach Michael Tarascio, which eventually led her to many tournament successes including the North Carolina Division Women's Foil Gold Medalist for 2005-2011. She was one of the top 5 foilists in her age group in the country and is a certified coach with the United States Fencing Coaches Association.

  • Session 2: June 13-17
  • Afternoon: 1-4 pm
  • Girls AND Boys
  • Rising Grades: 5-12
  • Camp Price: $260
  • Afternoon Camp
  • Rising Grade 10
  • Rising Grade 11
  • Rising Grade 12
  • Rising Grade 5
  • Rising Grade 6
  • Rising Grade 7
  • Rising Grade 8
  • Rising Grade 9
  • Session 2