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CK's Magnificent ME!

Magnificent ME is here to help your camper be the best ME they can be! We'll use children's literature, creative dramatic role play, and arts and crafts to help us explore the 5 components of Social Emotional Learning. While these are sometimes hard to explain to our young learners, integrating the arts with self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, cooperation, and decision making make it fun and meaningful. Join us in celebrating the Magnificence that is YOU!

About our TK-1 camps: Our youngest CreativeKids enjoy a week full of new stories, creative dramatic role play, arts and crafts projects and lots of games. Campers use their imagination, learn to cooperate with new friends, and build self-confidence. Our lead teachers integrate primary reading and math skills when appropriate to the camp theme. 

CreativeKids has been a trusted camp partner of Providence Day Summer Programs since 1996. Owner and creative director Brooke Fulton has directed PDS’ annual Lower School musical since 2016. With a BFA in Theatre from Auburn University and an MFA from The University of Southern Mississippi, Ms. Fulton has been teaching theatre since 2004 and was a finalist for CMS Teacher of the Year in 2013. Her staff of artists, choreographers, and theater professionals bring the arts alive during the summer for campers of all ages.

  • Session 7: July 18-22
  • Afternoon: 1-4 pm
  • Girls AND Boys
  • Rising Grades: TK-1 
  • Camp Price: $260
  • Afternoon Camp
  • Rising Grade 1
  • Rising Grade K
  • Rising Grade TK
  • Session 7