In this course, student writing constitutes the text. Frequent brief essays that draw upon students’ own experiences and knowledge provide students a body of work with which to practice revising and editing skills. Writing Seminar places more emphasis on style and voice than in past courses, providing direct instruction in ways to manipulate one’s prose to achieve particular rhetorical aims. Longer essays include researched arguments about the campus community and about a global issue. Students continue to work with each other to refine their developing sense of what it means to write for an audience. Grammar review occurs throughout as issues emerge out of student writing, and vocabulary instruction focuses on words that can be used throughout the course. (0.5 credit) *PDS students may take for credit.

  • June 13-28
  • Time: 7:30 am-1:00 pm
  • Rising Grades: 11-12
  • Tuition: $575
  • Rising Grade 11
  • Rising Grade 12