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LEGO Camp - Something to Build On

Do you enjoy building and playing with LEGO? Creating and designing? This is the camp for you! Campers will test the limits of their imaginations and gain new skills as they design and build a variety of LEGO structures. Project-based learning challenges and games will keep them on their toes. Engineering and math concepts will be introduced as campers solve basic questions: how tall can they build? How strong is their creation?

LEGOs are more than just fun:
LEGO promotes fine motor skills
LEGO encourages teamwork
LEGO improves creativity
LEGO develops problem-solving and mathematical thinking
LEGO improves communication skills
LEGO develops persistence
LEGO develops lateral thinking and planning skills

Campers will be assigned their own box of clean and sanitized LEGO to use throughout the week. Different tasks each day will help them learn new skills, then develop their creativity as they apply the day’s lesson in a building challenge. On Wednesday and Friday, they will receive a small set to keep, and this set will be the guide for the day's challenge build! Campers will push the limits of LEGO to problem-solve rescue missions, new worlds, and to make launchers, cranes, catapults, and more!

Mr. Louis Davidson has worn many hats at PDS: Extended Day teacher, Teacher Assistant, bus driver, and he is currently a 4th Grade Lead Teacher. He has taught a variety of summer camps as well as LEGO enrichments at PD’s Extended Day program for several years. Davidson encourages campers to tinker with new ways to use and think about LEGO.

  • Session 6: July 12 - 16
  • Full Day Camp: 9a - 4p
  • Girls AND Boys
  • Rising Grades: 3-5
  • Camp Price: $410
  • Full Day Camp
  • Rising Grade 3
  • Rising Grade 4
  • Rising Grade 5
  • Session 6