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Specialty Camps

“Thanks again for you and your team’s work in creating a great summer for our daughter. She has loved it…”
- Summer at Providence Day parent

So many camps, so little time! Learning about all your choices is part of the fun, so pull up a comfy seat and get ready to be WOWed! 

Camps are listed alphabetically with a summary description; use the filtering tools on the right to narrow your search by topic, session, time of day, or rising grade. Click on the camp names to see full descriptions and details. No camp on Monday, July 5.


Session 2: June 14-18; Rising Grades: 6-10
This is NOT your father's Dungeons & Dragons! Updated rules mean less fuss and more fun in this classic role-playing game from the 70s. Campers will dive into an exciting fantasy world as they complete quests and go on adventures. Along the way, they'll expand their vocabulary, enhance their math skills, and learn the real meaning of teamwork. Prepare for laughs, victory, and betrayal!

Session 7: July 19-23; Rising Grades: 2-8
Aloha! The ukulele has become one of the most popular instruments in recent years due to its joyful sound, portability, and ease in learning to play. In this camp, kids will learn several chords to be used to play along with recorded songs. They will also discover how the ukulele became the national instrument of Hawaii while learning to play some traditional Hawaiian tunes.

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: 9-12
Reduce your anxiety and make your transition to Advanced Placement history a more manageable experience.

Session 3: June 21-25; Rising Grades: 5-7
Athena's Path is a fun week all about middle school. With lessons, games, activities and cool high school mentors, your girl will learn skills to help her navigate the middle school social scene.

Session 5: July 6-9; Rising Grades: 5-8
Did you ever avoid doing something because you were afraid that it would be awkward? Well here is the camp for you. We will spend the week attempting to throw, catch, trap, kick, paint, shoot baskets, play ping pong and write using the hands and feet that we don't usually use.

Session 3: June 21-25; Rising Grades: 3-6 (Morning); Rising Grades: 5-9 (Afternoon)
Turn Minecraft fun into real life skills as your child learns to make friends, build relationships, and work as a team with other players who are not just on a computer, but actually in the room. Through Minecraft World, this camp offers students the opportunity to develop their creativity by building vast worlds with the help of their classmates and working through team-building exercises led by the instructor.

Sessions 3, 4, 6, 7; Rising Grades: TK-6
This summer, Providence Day brings classic fun back to summer with a full-day experience that inspires curiosity, camaraderie, and confidence. Camp Spirit — named for the PD Charger mascot — offers a safe, welcoming environment for kids to explore their interests and develop those classic camp friendships. Reminiscent of sleep-away camp, kids become part of a "cabin" group and enjoy a wide variety of enriching activities throughout the week.

Sessions 1, 2, 5, 8, 9; Rising Grades TK-5
Providence Day's longest-running, most original full-day camp is back again this summer! Always a family favorite, Charger Chill Day Camp features a wide variety of activities offered in a relaxed atmosphere and led by one of our community's most renowned PD faculty members, Coach Robbins. Kids will build lasting relationships, share in fun activities, and enjoy a little bit of everything that they love about summer.

Session 5: July 6-9; Rising Grades: 3-8
Do you love cartoons? Create your own professional cartoons during this fun, animated week of creation.

Session 3: June 21-25; Rising Grades: 1-6
Trade your paint brush for items you might find around the house! This week the messier, the better. We’ll use all kinds of different objects like water bottles and ping pong balls to make cool museum quality finished products.

Session 8: July 26-30; Rising Grades: 1-6
It’s “A Whole New World” when you join Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet ride! Help us tell the story of magic, mystery, wonder and surprise. We’ll set the stage for another “Arabian Night” and dazzle the audience with the show-stopping hit, “Friend Like Me”.

Session 2: June 14-18; Rising Grades: 1-6
“The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”, with equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone's hearts despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. It may be a “Hard-Knock Life” for the orphans, but not for the campers as they have fun putting together this classic story.

Session 1: June 7-11; Rising Grades: 1-6
Travel with us "Into the Unknown" as we try not to get "Lost in the Woods". Let's tell the story of our favorite characters Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven and their journey to discover the origin of Elsa's powers and ultimately save their kingdom.

Session 7: July 19-23; Rising Grades: 3-10
We are not throwing away our “Shot”! During this week at camp we will cast, rehearse and produce a mini-musical. Campers will learn blocking (where the actors go on stage), choreography (the dance movements for a song) and songs for their performance.

Session 4: June 28-July 2; Rising Grades: 1-6
Join Junie B. on her first day of first grade! We’ll create a mini-musical from the delightful best- selling books by Barbara Park. With so many lovable characters and catchy songs like “Top-Secret Personal Beeswax Journal”, our audience is sure to love our fun and funny adventures.

Session 5: July 6-9; Rising Grades: 1-6
The African savannah comes to life on stage with Simba, Rafiki, Nala, Mufasa, Pumba, Timon and even Scar. Join this unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle and back again to create “The Circle of Life”.

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: 1-6
Let's dive "Under the Sea" with Ariel, Flounder, King Triton and Ursula. Help Ariel become "Part of Your World" as she falls for Prince Eric and trades her voice to Ursula. We'll have a splashing good time showing off our theatrical talents "Under the Sea"!

Session 3: June 21-25; Rising Grades: 1-6
Join Poppy and Branch on a daring mission to unite the trolls and save the diverse melodies from becoming extinct. Help us tell the story that explores the 6 different troll tribes and the music each tribe is devoted to.

Session 3: June 21-25; Rising Grades: 2-8
Join us for an improvisation/comedy/stage combat camp. This high energy week will be filled with training in Stage Combat (swords, hand-to-hand), comedic tips and the rules of Improvisation.

Session 8: July 26-30; Rising Grades: TK-1
In this week-long celebration of friendship, we will explore stories about best friends like Toot and Puddle and Frog and Toad.

Session 4: June 28-July 2; Rising Grades: TK-1
Join Llama Llama and his Mama as we explore the books of Anna Dewdney. Campers will explore topics that can help them at school like sharing, taking turns and how to calm down when we get upset all while enjoying the popular Llama Llama stories.

Session 1: June 7-11; Rising Grades: TK-1
Do you imagine defending the Queen by fighting a mighty dragon? Do you dream in "Once Upon a Time" land? Join us this week to explore magical, royal stories filled with dragons, castles, kings, queens and many other enchanting characters.

Session 2: June 14-18; Rising Grades: K-5
Do you get lost in your own world playing with your dolls? Wish you could gather a group of friends and have a giant doll party? This camp is just what you are looking for!

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: 2-8
Help your student keep their writing fresh all summer long so they are ready when the new school year arrives.

Session 8: July 26-30; Rising Grades: 2-8
Give your student the lead they need to achieve in the coming school year. We’ll make writing fun as we incorporate a field trip and a guest author.

Session 1: June 7-11; Rising Grades: K-5
Do you love Dancing with the Stars for the variety of dances, amazing costumes and fun music? This camp will let you become a dance star without the scores and elimination. Join us this week as we fill our ballroom with different styles of dance and amazing music to match each style.

Sessions 3, 8; Rising Grades: 3-9
Bring the world of digital photography and computer images together. Explore different lighting effects, photographic techniques and experimental photography in a variety of combinations.

Session 5: July 6-9; Rising Grades: TK-1
Join the classic Mo Willems characters Elephant and Piggie for an adventurous week full of fun and lots of learning along the way. We’ll explore the camaraderie Elephant and Piggie share as they learn what it means to be a good friend.

Session 1: June 7-11; Rising Grades: 2-7
Does your personal style belong on a runway? Do you love sketching and inventing new looks? Fashion Design is your sandbox to envision, explore and create!

Sessions 4, 8; Rising Grades: 1-6
Express yourself and show how creative you can be! Learn to draw what you see! Young artists will explore several techniques including color pencil, pastels and of course, painting.

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: TK-1
“For the First Time in Forever” the perfect camp has come along for all those Frozen fans who just can’t stop singing the songs! You’ll love our crafts, role play, singing and dancing especially if you “Want to Build a Snowman”.

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: 2-9
Are you a Muggle? If you can answer that question then you are ready for this exciting camp! From quidditch to Hogwarts jeopardy, live out Harry’s adventures all day, every day this week at the Hogwarts School, Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Session 2: June 14-18; Rising Grades: 1-6
Have you always wanted to breakdance, learn popping and locking and even The SpongeBob? Show off your rhythm and coordination as you learn age-appropriate hip hop choreography to your favorite music.

Session 4: June 28-July 2; Rising Grades: 1-8
Lights! Camera! Action! Does your child dream of starring in their favorite TV show? They’ll write scripts, act, and learn TV lingo to create their own shows and commercials.

Sessions 3, 8; Rising Grades: TK-1
Do you love to craft? This week will be full of colorful creations using everything from paper plates, wire, beads, party horns, egg cartons, and Contact paper to make our imaginative crafts come to life.

Sessions 2, 5, 7; Rising Grades: TK-1
Come build with us this week as we explore the world of legos. We’ll take plenty of time to build with our friends, read stories and create lego-based artwork.

Sessions 1, 6; Rising Grades: TK-1
Young learners will explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through creative play as we use a wide variety of arts and crafts materials to solve problems.

Session 3: June 21-25; Rising Grades: TK-1
Magnificent ME is here to help your camper be the best ME they can be! We'll use children's literature, creative dramatic role play and arts and crafts to help us explore the 5 components of Social Emotional Learning.

Session 3: June 21-25; Rising Grades: 1-6
Calling all scary movie fans to join us for a spook-tacular week of fun! We’ll create our own “monster movie” from writing the script, designing the costumes and makeup to filming the finished product using IMovie.

Session 7: July 19-23; Rising Grades: 2-9
And…action! Fancy yourself the next Spielberg? Then grab a camera and start creating! Team up with your fellow campers to write, shoot, and direct your own movie. Learn camera techniques, editing, and special effects. Add titles and music to your finished epic. That’s a wrap!

Sessions 2, 6; Rising Grades: 1-6
So many projects, so little time! Does your camper love to search for projects on Pinterest and try them out? We’ll spend the week completing, decorating, and crafting challenges to see if we can “nail them”!

Sessions 2, 7; Rising Grades: 1-6
Nothing says Party without a little mess! Paint will be at the center of this colorful camp. We will experiment with a variety of paint techniques such as watercolor, pouring, resist and traditional acrylic.

Sessions 1, 4; Rising Grades: 1-8
Does the Pokemon universe have your camper strategizing day and night? Campers will be immersed in the complex world of Pokemon with other campers who are just as enthralled. We’ll battle, trade cards and strategize together during this epic week!

Sessions 6-8: July 12-30; Rising Grades: 1-11
It is present-day, and in the kingdom of Auradon, all of Disney’s beloved heroes and royalty are living happily ever after, safe from the terrifying villains and troublesome sidekicks they have banished to the magic-free Isle of the Lost. Audition required. Click on camp name for more details.

Sessions 3-5: June 21-July 9; Rising Grades: 1-11
Frozen JR. is based on the 2018 Broadway musical, and brings Elsa, Anna, and the magical land of Arendelle to life, onstage. The show features all of the memorable songs from the movie and five new songs written for the stage. Audition required. Click on name of camp for more details.

Sessions 1-2: June 7-18; Rising Grades: 2-9
The Princess Bride: Fencing, fighting, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, miracles...Do you want to be a part of the Best Show Camp in the world? Well, you wish...
Audition required. Click on the camp name for more details.

Session 5: July 6-9; Rising Grades: 2-8
Join us this 4th of July week for the ultimate celebration of Red, White and STEAM! Campers minds will be blown as they use science, technology, engineering, arts and math to solve all kinds of theatrical challenges.

Session 4: June 28-July 2; Rising Grades: 2-8
Join us for this ultimate 3-D art experience as we explore a wide variety of sculpting techniques. Campers will plan and sculpt projects using different materials each day. We will explore with clay, wire, shape stacking, tin foil, wood and other fun materials to create structural masterpieces.

Session 1: June 7-11; Rising Grades: 1-5
Do you find yourself doodling any time you have a pencil and paper? Is drawing your thing? Learn step-by step sketching techniques, the art of shading, how to make an object appear 3-D, and so much more. Campers will develop fine motor skills, understand visual analysis and increase their concentration as they learn sketching techniques.

Sessions 5, 7; Rising Grades: 1-6
Imagine paint, paint and more paint, followed by paper maché and glue! Messy is our primary ingredient, mixed with a little imagination and an explosion of materials to create fabulous paintings, sculptures and collages.

Session 2: June 14-18; Rising Grades: TK-1
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Dooper You! From Spiderman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl to everything in between; we’ll create our own superheroes and heroines with super powers. We’ll invent superhero meals, superhero codes, read and act out superhero stories as well as create superhero artwork!

Session 4, 7; Rising Grades: TK-1
Ready for a Reading Adventure? Help you little one gain the edge he/she needs to succeed in the new school year. We will help your child develop a love for reading and storytelling. We’ll learn and apply literacy skills to change the story and solve each problem.

Session 5: July 6-9; Rising Grades: 3-9
Turn Minecraft fun into real-life skills as your child learns to make friends, build relationships, and work as a team with other players who are not just on a computer but actually in the room. Computer games like Minecraft have been shown to help kids regulate emotions, build strong social ties, and improve cognitive abilities such as spatial awareness and geometry skills.

Sessions 3, 4, 8; Rising Grades: 2-7
Game On is a highly competitive camp for kids who love games of all kinds. Games are more than just great fun....they teach good sportsmanship and how to be a team player while helping kids develop their social skills and take a break from technology.

Session 4: June 28-July 2; Rising Grades: 5-7
Hero’s Pursuit is a fun week to help guys thrive in middle school. They learn social leadership skills to help them tackle some of the social challenges of middle school.

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: 2-6
Mrs. Jane Balzer of the Extended Day staff will teach campers fun facts about frozen concoctions while making homemade ice cream of all kinds, cookie dough, raspberry sorbet, ice cream sandwiches, waffle cones, fried ice cream and more! 

Session 4: June 28-July 2; Rising Grades: 3-6
Do you love video games? Are you ready to create your own? This camp is an introduction into the exciting world of game development!

Session 8: July 26-30; Rising Grades: 5-12
Passionate about video games? About phone apps? All of this is powered by code! This camp is an introduction to the world of code development.

Session 7: July 19-23; Rising Grades: 4-8
Has your child ever wondered how the art in their favorite computer games like Fortnite and Minecraft is made? Then this camp is for them! Games artists create the 2D and 3D art for the visual effects of a video game, and this camp will instruct your child how to make their own art for video games.

Session 9: Aug 2-6; Rising Grade: 6
If you are looking for a quick math refresher before school begins, then this is the course for you.

Session 9: Aug 2-6; Rising Grade: 7
Designed for rising 7th graders, this course provides a refresher of sixth grade math topics as well as a more in-depth look that will prepare students for their seventh grade year in math.

Session 9: Aug 2-6; Rising Grades: 7-8
The JumpStart PreAlgebra class is offered to rising seventh and eighth graders who will be taking a PreAlgebra math course or who wish to review the PreAlgebra skills.

Sessions 1, 5, 7, 8; Rising Grades: 1-8
Junior Master Chess Camps are camps designed especially for campers starting chess for the first time or those with limited knowledge beyond the basics.

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: 4-8
Open the windows of opportunity up for your child’s future! We live in the computer age, and your child’s ability to use the keyboard efficiently will directly impact their success in school and, ultimately, their career success no matter what field they enter.

Session 2: June 14-18; Rising Grades: 1-3 (Morning), Rising Grades: 3-6 (Afternoon)
Hello, mathematicians! Are you ready to build numbers in different ways? Who comes first, 306 or 36? How can you boost your fact fluency outside of school? This camp will keep kids thinking about numbers over the summer months so that they can start the new school year in a better position.

Session 8: July 26-30; Rising Grades: 6-9
Middle school can be a challenge for students as they begin to independently manage their school work, home life, and social life, and to make good decisions in all areas. This camp will help them unmask their super powers and begin the road to success!

Sessions 6, 7; Rising Grades: TK-2
These Mini-Masters of Music will have an amazing time playing xylophones, metallophones, hand chimes, BoomWhackers, and drums while singing along to famous songs.

Sessions 1, 3, 4, 6, 8; Rising Grades: 2-7
Minute to Win It is a fun, high-energy, competitive camp for kids who love a challenge! Through friendly competition, your camper will learn perseverance, patience, and good sportsmanship. 

Sessions 3, 7; Rising Grades: 2-7 
Mrs. Balzer, chef extraordinaire of the Extended Day staff, will teach campers all about baking healthy treats in a fun atmosphere. Using ingredients such as whole wheat flour, oatmeal, honey, zucchini and spinach, campers will create extraordinary cookies to bring home daily.

Session 4, 6; Rising Grades: 2-5
Join Extended Day's Character Education Coordinator Christy McDermott for a week of Serving Up Smiles in our Charlotte community. Each day children will learn that just a little bit of time can make a huge impact in the life of another.

Sessions 1, 3, 7; Rising Grades: 2-7
Snickerdoodles is a one-of-a-kind camp for the baking enthusiast! Campers learn how to measure ingredients, proper mixing techniques, and how to handle different types of dough. 

Sessions 4, 8; Rising Grades: 2-7
Ultimate Sleepover Spectacular is a blast for girls! During the week, Mrs. Jane Balzer will help girls learn the art of making good friends and the meaning of a true friend. Crafts, snacks, and games make this camp the ULTIMATE in FUN!

Sessions 1, 8; Rising Grades: 2-5
Join Extended Day's Christy McDermott as girls are Reaching High and Flying By!! Unshakable is a camp for girls to learn how to harness the power and energy they have both emotionally and physically.

Session 6: July 12-16; Rising Grades: K-5
Playing drums is an exciting way to explore the cultures around us. Campers will play rhythms from different parts of the world while learning about and gaining an appreciation of many cultures.

Sessions 7, 8, 9; Rising Grade: 12
Need some expert advice as you polish that essay? Lacking motivation to get started? This is the one-week workshop for the rising senior facing down that college application!