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All Skills Baseball Camp

Players in the All Skills Baseball Camp will learn and practice effective drills for improving their individual and defensive skill sets, through innovative partner hitting drills in PD’s new batting cage as well as team games on the field. Players will hit soft toss, off tees, and live pitching both on the field and in the batting cage, and they’ll learn to field batted and thrown ground balls and fly balls in individual, small group, and big group settings. Each day, campers will enjoy playing a variety of positions in live game situations, learning from a team of camp coaches with current experience at the high school and/or collegiate level. Whether your camper is just learning how to consistently make solid contact with the ball or wants to learn the intricacies of turning a double play, the All Skills Baseball Camp will be a week of fun in the sun! Campers should wear tennis shoes, athletic shorts/pants, a comfortable shirt, and sunscreen. They should bring a baseball glove, hat, and water bottle. Optional, but strongly encouraged/recommended: batting gloves, bat, helmet, and spikes. Please label all items.

Providence Day varsity assistant baseball coach Danny Mehigan has been with the PDS program for eight years and teaches math in the Upper School. Prior to PDS, he coached high school and travel baseball in Chicago, played college club baseball at the University of Missouri, and excelled as a high school baseball player in Wisconsin, while starting his journey as a player at camps very similar to this one!

  • Session 2: June 14-18
  • Morning Camp: 9a-12p
  • Girls AND Boys
  • Rising Grades: 2-8
  • Camp Price: $230
  • Morning Camp
  • Rising Grade 2
  • Rising Grade 3
  • Rising Grade 4
  • Rising Grade 5
  • Rising Grade 6
  • Rising Grade 7
  • Rising Grade 8
  • Session 2